Top 10 Sports Records That Will Never Be Broken

Seemingly unreachable records are one of the most alluring aspects of sports. When men and women perform feats of athleticism so incredible and far beyond what others are capable of, it shows us the wonders of human potential. These inspiring moments are remembered throughout history as shining examples of just what we are capable of. Keep reading to learn about ten unbelievable sports records that will never be broken. Remember though: in the world of sports, nothing is impossible.

10. Nolan Ryan Was Unhittable

While baseball players enjoy relatively long careers when compared with other athletes, pitchers are an especially vulnerable group for early retirement. The wear and tear of repeatedly throwing a ball at more than ninety miles per hour can destroy a pitcher’s arm if he’s not very careful. Nolan Ryan is one of a very small number of professional pitchers to play the game in four decades, and in that time, he remained one of the best pitchers to ever play the game. In the course of his career, Ryan pitched an unmatched 5,714 strikeouts and seven no-hitters. With 900 more strikeouts than his closest competitor, Ryan seems in no danger of losing his title of strikeout king.