The Worst Stadiums In Professional Sports

When it comes to major stadiums, most people expect to find a cutting edge sporting facility where they hope to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, comfortably. However, for many sporting stadiums it is obvious from a glance that the grounds are severely lacking. It is shocking to realize just how many stadiums have fallen into disrepair, receiving little to no attention at all. Here we take a look at ten of the worst stadiums in professional sports.

10. Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, CA

The Sleep Train Arena first intrigues mostly due to its strange name, hinting towards its poor state of affairs. The stadium was home to the Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association until their last game on April 9, 2016. The vacant 200 acre property is currently being used for entertainment purposes; however, it is seen as a giant opportunity waiting to be claimed. The Sleep Train Arena is being selective regarding future plans.

The Sleep Train Arena is not situated in the best neighborhood, and the economic problems plaguing the area are more than obvious. The stadium lacks routine maintenance and an adequate staff. The degradation of the Sleep Train Arena is evident, but it continued to be used for many years. Eventually, the state of the venue was recognized openly, resulting in the Sacramento Kings finally changing their home field.

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The entire area has been marked for a revamp, giving the Kings a new home for the first time since 1988. Sacramento is currently moving the team into a $519 million complex. The Golden 1 Center is the new home of the Kings, granting the team a much needed upgrade of venue. Two years have passed since a new ownership group took control of the Kings, and they are still repurposing the old stadium premises.