The Fifteen Hottest Male Athletes In Rio

Every four years, millions of sports fans around the globe tune into the largest and most publicized sporting events the world has ever seen. On top of the pomp and circumstance and some arguably incredible athleticism, we also tune in to see humans in their peak physical shape. On top of being some of the most fit and coordinated people on the planet, Olympians are generally extremely hot, too. This list will countdown fifteen of the hottest male athletes to keep your eyes on at Rio.

15. Michael Phelps

The most-decorated Olympian of all time with twenty-two medals to his name thus far, Michael Phelps is returning to the water in Rio to collect some more. At thirty-one years old, Phelps is in better shape than ever. In his regulation Speedos, the viewing audience will have plenty of opportunity to check out Phelps’ physique; Phelps will swim in six events in Rio.