Ten Reasons The Olympics Will Never Be The Same After Rio

In 2009, the International Olympic Committee announced that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, would be hosting the 2016 Summer Games. Excitement ensued, but the road to Rio was a long one, as seven years needed to pass before these Games even started. Now that the Games are finally here, the world can see what a bumpy path to Rio was, as well. Both good and bad, the Olympic Games will never be the same after these events in Rio.

10. Refugee Team

Reflecting on all the violence, tragedy and struggle faced by refugees due to the European migrant crisis, the Committee is allowing athletes from these groups compete as Independent Olympians under the Olympic Flag. In March, the Committee finalized the Refugee Olympic Team of 10 out of 43 refugee athletes. In the previous Games, refuges were ineligible to compete, so this is a positive step forward for the Committee in a time of war.