Sports Most Acrimonious Rivalries

Sports are synonymous with competition and sometimes that contest between teams and individuals gets intense. When adrenaline is pumping and the pressure is on, heated words fly and fists often come out. It does not appear to matter what type of sport; competitive rivalry has no boundaries when each athlete is struggling to win. There have been incidents in some matches and games in which exchanges have gone beyond words and have resulted in serious injuries. Keep reading to see ten highlights of the past.

10. Bloody Wednesday

Even though hockey is not a sport held in a ring, fighting has long been a large part of the game. When the Quebec Nordiques were a part of the National Hockey League’s Adams division through the 1980s, one of the team’s largest rivals was the Detroit Red Wings. That continued after Quebec shifted to the Colorado Avalanche. On March 26, 1997, nine fights broke out in one game at the Joe Louis Arena, resulting in penalties and blood splattered on the ice and along the rink boards.