15 Professional Athletes Implicated in Domestic Abuse Incidents

14. Rodney Austin

Former Detroit Lions guard Rodney Austin was arrested on April 17, 2015 after charges of domestic violence were brought against him. Austin was accused of assault against a female, as well as assault against a child under twelve, among other charges. He was let go by the Lions following his arrest and is currently a free agent. Prior to his signing with the Lions, Austin played college football at Elon University.

The 6’4” and 311 pound football player was arrested on April 17, 2015 at 9:00 am. In addition to the domestic violence and assault charges, Austin was also charged with misdemeanor larceny and interfering with emergency communication in North Carolina, his home state. He was held on the four charges with a bond totaling $4,250, which was met. Jim Caldwell, the Lions coach, was quoted as stating he has a no-tolerance policy concerning domestic violence. Austin’s agent said his client turned himself in and was released the same day.

Mark Jetton, Austin’s agent, said the alleged incident stemmed from a custody dispute with the mother of Austin’s child. “This is an issue with a woman Rodney has known for a long time. They have a child together and they have had difficulties together that they have been working through. I think that the record, once all the information is out, I think that it will be clear that the charges as everybody is seeing them are not what occurred.”

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