10 Sports Stars Guilty Of Notorious Acts Of Cheating

Cheating in sports is nothing new. Players committing offenses has been going on for decades. In the early years, officials had a more difficult time detecting their cheating ways, but once cameras came into play, instant replays made their job easier. Whether sports stars use performance enhancing drugs, perform illegal moves or make fraudulent claims, their deception is often noticed and they become the topic of controversy between competitors, officials, and the public. Check out some of the top cheaters in sports history in the following list.

10. The Fifth Down

One of the most famous blunders in college football history is known as the Fifth Down game. It happened in 1990 during a play between the Colorado Buffaloes and the Missouri Tigers. Losing 31-27, the Buffaloes came back to take the win 33- 31 after ending up with a fifth down. The Tigers should have taken possession of the ball, however, the referee mistakenly thought the Buffaloes had one down remaining due to an unturned down marker. and they in-turn scored a touchdown.