10 Phenomenal Artists Who Have Never Won A Grammy

Each year, the Grammy Awards association releases its eagerly-awaited list of nominees about two months prior to the show. Viewers anticipate the hopeful win of their chosen favorites, and every year, some are disappointed by who actually walks the stage and makes an acceptance speech. Several popular and worthy artists surprisingly have never clinched a Grammy Award during their successful careers, even though they may have been nominated numerous times. The following list recognizes the accomplishments of some of these artists who continue to receive nominations and are ones to watch on the show in February 2017.

10. Bob Marley

Recognized for his eye-catching appearance and soulful reggae sounds, Bob Marley is a legacy in his own right. Before he died on May 11, 1981, Marley released fourteen albums, and one, Confrontation, was released in 1983. He was recognized as Band of the Year in 1976 by Rolling Stone and Exodus was listed Album of the Century by Time Magazine in 1999. Outside of music, this peace activist was honored by the United Nations when he was presented with the Peace Medal of the Third World in 1978. Although recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Grammy Awards, he had never taken home a trophy from the award show.
Bob Marley in Concert at the Fox Theater in Atlanta - November 12, 1979