The Sexiest Lesbian Scenes In Mainstream Media

Everyone knows the best way to make a good television show or movie more appealing is by adding a steamy sex scene. A great way to boost the entertainment factor is to make sure the scene is played by two sexy lesbians. The following scenes come complete with crime, drama and comedic backgrounds involving a forbidden type of relationship held together by two people of the same gender who are willing to overcome the obstacles necessary to make their relationship work.

10. Skins – Naomi And Emily

Last airing in 2013, Skins was a British television show in which a group of teenagers are followed through school. The show is centered around how the group deals with controversial topics including love, sex, drugs, eating disorders, mental illness and teen pregnancy. Naomi and Emily end up kissing in season three although neither of them wants to admit they are gay. Later that season, the pair falls in love and several lesbian make out scenes emerge.

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