Biggest Box Office Flops Of All Time

Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason why a seemingly good movie does poorly at the box office. Even when loaded with top Hollywood stars, some of these films could not hold their own on opening day. Although some have even received critical acclaim or are fun to catch on cable television every now and then, these fifteen movies were huge letdowns for the producers behind them who had dreams of a big showcase on opening day at the box office.

15. The Chronicles of Riddick

The 2004 science fiction film did not do well in the box office but has since made up for some of the slack by becoming more popular on digital versatile disc. The plot is based on the adventures of Richard Riddick, who escapes from the dark planet and fights off bounty hunters after he comes out of hiding for five years. After being adjusted for inflation, the film lost between approximately fifty nine million and ninety one million dollars.