10 Facts You Need To Know About The Incredible Westworld TV Series

Westworld is the science fiction western HBO series currently taking an ever-growing television audience by storm. The series first aired on October 2, 2016, and is quite unlike anything ever seen before. With ultra graphic and foreboding scenes combined with an all-star cast, Westworld is not one to miss. If you are already hooked, here are some interesting facts you might not have known about your new favorite way to worry about the future.

10. Theme Park Plot

The series is based on the same concept as Jurassic Park with both cinematic extravagances centered on a theme park. The difference being Westworld is populated by androids resembling people from the wild west instead of dinosaurs. Although it may seem like nothing can go wrong with this plan of action, problems arise when robots created by humans develop feelings and start to rebel. The show tackles themes such as God, the future and human versus artificial intelligence.