Actors With The Most Incredible Car Collections

In most of the United States, owning one car is necessary, and owning two feels like luxury. Celebrities often go far beyond that, collecting famous makes and models of rare luxury cars into collections that are worth millions. Some of them race, some of them just like to be close to that much luxury and horsepower. Which celebrities are our favorite car collections, with the most awe-inspiring collections?


10. David Letterman

After thirty-three years hosting different late night talk shows, David Letterman has accumulated enough money to buy a Ferrari. Enough money to buy ten, in fact, which he stores in a Connecticut warehouse, along with the other vehicles and motorcycles in his collection. In 2012, his cars were assessed at more than $1.2 million. He reportedly also owns Porsches, Austin Healeys, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, MG, Volvo, and Pontiac. And a Chevy pickup, just for variety.