Warning Signs That You Belong In The 90’s

The 90’s were a great time for skinny eyebrows and butterfly hair clips. Most of the trends that were popular back then have since faded out. If your idea of a good time is watching reruns of Saved By the Bell and listening to the Spice Girls, you belong in this era. Here are some other indications that you long for the simpler times of the 90’s when chokers and “No Fear” t-shirts were cool.

12. You Know How To Properly Hold A CD

Back before everyone downloaded their music from the internet, there was beauty in going to the music store and picking out a CD. If you were lucky, your favorite band or artist printed the lyrics to their tunes on the inside cover of the label. The struggle of dropping your favorite CD in between the seats of your car while changing CDs was real. Handling CDs was a fine art only gained through experience. Holding the CD between your pointer finger and thumb was crucial to avoid scratching it. If you refuse to download music to your iPhone and are still committed to the beloved CD, you belong in the 90’s.

Storing your CDs properly was crucial. Your coolness factor was often determined by the amount of CDs you had, which were carried around underneath the seat of your 1996 Ford F-Series truck in a black zip-up book. Whipping out the CD book to impress your friends was no easy task. These books were usually full of hundreds of CDs that were in alphabetical order because that is how much you valued your collection. Handing your book to the person riding shotgun and telling them to pick out a CD was considered a noble honor that was usually reserved for your closest friends or a girl you were trying to impress.