The Wildest Party Bars In The World

When planning a trip, a solid itinerary is a smart thing to have in place. For those people who love to have fun, one of the top things on their list of things to do is visiting a wild party bar. Nothing says a great vacation like going to a great bar, and hanging with the locals. For those who love to follow the party, here is a list of the hottest bar destinations in the world.

15. 1OAK – Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and has a population of nine million. The official language is Spanish, but there are sixty-eight other dialects spoken. Mexican food has a distinctive flavor because Mexicans use chilies like jalapeño and chipotle. Renting a furnished 900 square foot apartment in the city proper can run more than $1,000 U.S. monthly.

Mexico City has many popular nightclubs, but 1OAK (one of a kind) is the trendiest. It is owned by New York’s The Butter Group and it was designed to bring back the feel of the Manhattan New York club scene of the eighties and nineties. One of this exclusive nightspot’s most extravagant features is a black marble and crystal bar.

The club was inspired by the mystery-detective novel written by Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code. The interior of 1OAK was designed by Roy Nachum, who decorated the club using the book as a starting off point. This glamorous club has several dazzling chandeliers to dance and gyrate under, and for privacy, booths and banquettes are available for intimate conversation.

Patrons start rolling in late because the drinking and partying start at eleven p.m. and ends at three a.m. A-list celebrities have been sighted there, like Scott Disick and the mother of his three children, Kourtney Kardashian. He recently checked out of a drug rehabilitation center and went to Mexico to treat himself to some massive partying at 1OAK.

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