Ten Awesome Shows You Must Watch On Netflix

Netflix is arguably the best invention since the television set. It is there when you are bored, it is there when you need to relax, and most of all, it provides some great viewing options. The only hitch is browsing through their cascading library to actually decide what to watch. Check out this list of ten shows to add to your viewing schedule.

10. Netflix Original: Master Of None

If you are looking for a light-hearted relatable show that explores the hilarious and cringe worthy realities of relationships, young adulthood and having immigrant parents, Master of None is the show to watch. It stars Aziz Ansari in a classic sitcom as thirty-year-old Dev, an actor in New York.

Following the trials and tribulations of his life, each episode confronts different topics, such as dating troubles, being on the fence about having kids and dealing with cultural stereotypes. Sprinkled in are guest appearances from stars like Clair Danes and Maria Dizzia to keep you grounded through the introduction of a relatively under the radar cast.

Ansari has created a fresh take of the sitcom with this series. Using his deadpan humor and relatable conflicts Master of None almost has a reality show vibe. No laugh tracks, no unbelievable scenarios, just the humor found in the events of day-to-day life. Completely original and refreshing, Master of None lives up to all the praise it has received.

Currently, Master of None is in its first season and each episode is about thirty minutes long. This critically acclaimed show has won the Critics’ Choice Award for best comedy series and the American Film Institute of TV’s Program of the Year. Aziz Ansari has announced that a new season is due to be released in 2017, which is something to look forward to.