Fashion Trends From The 90s We’ll Never Forget

The 1990s were a great time for many reasons. The music was great. There were no real guidelines for fashion, which made it very easy to get dressed in the morning. The 90s were a time when wearing mismatched clothes, baggy clothes and sneakers made your friends envious of your style. Chances are, if you tried to pull that off today, you would be made fun of relentlessly. Here are the Top Ten fashion trends of the 90s we will always long for.

10. Harem Pants

Also known as MC Hammer pants, these fashion items have been seen everywhere since he has become famous. They are often confused with, and mistakenly called, parachute pants. However, these items go further back than the 90s. Their origin was in the Arabian Peninsula, which can be figured out by the style and the appearance.

MC Hammer himself would dance in them when recording videos and while performing at live events. These pants were very suitable for hip hop dancing. These pieces of fashion were included in his special clothing line accompanied by other flashy and shiny pieces of clothing. They were best paired with a flashy low top sneaker.

Harem pants are available today at stores such as H&M and JC Penny, which is good news for anyone who enjoyed busting out MC Hammer dance moves whenever Can’t Touch This came on. If you did not rock them in the 90’s, now is your chance. They are best worn while listening to 90s on 9 on Sirius XM satellite radio in your car.

Just be sure to change your outfit before appearing in public. Today, harem pants have taken on a trendier role, if that is even possible. They are no longer as shiny, and some even come in only one color. If you insist on owning a pair but cannot figure out where to wear them, they would surely be comfortable as sleepwear.

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