The Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups in 2016

2016 has been a rough year to be a celebrity. From the shocking untimely deaths of some of music’s greatest legends to the very public mental breakdowns a few celebs suffered, the end of the year can’t come soon enough for some celebrities. Celebrity couples also had it rough this year, with many shocking breakups caused by infidelities and other scandals. Want to know which celebrity couples didn’t make it through the year? Check out this list of the most shocking celebrity breakups in 2016.

10. Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris

Pop-Country music crossover artist and self-proclaimed wild child Taylor Swift and Scottish DJ Calvin Harris had, for fifteen months, been one of the cutest couples in the whole entertainment industry. It seemed as though their love was deep, as the relationship lasted much longer than Swift is known for. In the end, however, the two just had far too many differences to work it out: their five-year age difference, their clashing personalities (she’s extremely extroverted, while he draws his energy from being in small crowds or alone), and the fact that they come from very different backgrounds all proved insurmountable and the pair split amicably in June of 2016.