So What Is Selena’s Story All About?

With her popularity, numerous friends, and the amount of public attention she attracts while out at social functions, it is not surprising rumors fly about Selena Gomez and her latest happenings. She has been tied to numerous men and has not only quashed rumors of some but revealed the truth of others. She had minor squabbles with friends but turned to them when it was the girlfriends rather than boyfriends she needed. She continued to promote charitable acts, so when rumors came out about a memoir she hoped to write as a backlash to some of the negative press, sources were quick to put them to rest.

10. Selena And Compassion

The tabloids might find Selena an easy target to mock for her multiple relationships and the way she allegedly treats her friends, but she has a compassionate side she shares worldwide. As a staunch supporter of UNICEF, she traveled to Africa to see for herself how the locals live and to provide what help she could. She has often voiced her opinions and had the backs of fans who needed a lift. She once tweeted in response to a bullying fan, “That’s not what I stand for so you can gladly stop being a fan of me. I only encourage love, confidence, kindness.”