Performers Who Have Messed Up Big On Stage

Celebrities have trainers to make their bodies as fit as possible for their on-screen appearances and walks on the red carpet. Yet, celebrities seem to have a hard time with literally balancing on two feet. Whether being pulled down, bumped, tripping or sliding, performances are usually interrupted as arms go flying and butts or knees hit the ground. Most of the time, these falls are harmless, but sometimes it causes injury to more than just celebrity egos.

10. Madonna

This rebel performer began dancing at a young age and never stopped. She moved to New York City from her native Michigan and pursued a career as a singer and dancer. In 1982, she released her first single Everybody. This was only the beginning for Madonna; many of her songs have reached No. 1 on the charts, she has released 13 albums and is known as the “Queen of Pop.”

In 1994, she began a relationship with fitness trainer Carlos Leon, with whom she conceived a child. In 1996, she gave birth to Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon. In 1998, she met director Guy Ritchie, and gave birth to their son, Rocco John Ritchie, in 2000. They married in 2000. Ritchie and Madonna divorced in 2008, and Madonna adopted two children from Malawi, David Banda and Chifundo “Mercy” James.

Madonna loves fitness, as she regularly works out wherever she ends up on tour and is regularly spotted by the paparazzi in workout clothes. This didn’t seem to help her in February 2015. During the closing performance at the Brit Awards in London, she tumbled down stairs after one of her dancers tried to tear her black cape away. Madonna went with the cape instead.


After falling, she took a moment before returning to the performance. She explained on social media that the cape was tied too tight. Two days later, Madonna said she hurt her head and had whiplash despite tucking and using her “good core strength.” The lyrics of Living for Love include the words “let me fall down” and “stumble,” and Madonna joked that she is “never writing lyrics like that again!”

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