Kevin Hart – Big Laughs In A Compact Package

9. The Road to Success

Before he started working with Robinson, Hart was booed off stage many times and even had a piece of chicken thrown at him. After meeting Robinson he changed his material and style, which allowed him to develop a unique approach to comedy. He said, “Because of what I do, it has to be an open book. But right now this is a book that is being written.”

When Hart’s stand-up comedy took off, ABC offered him his own sitcom in 2004 called The Big House. The sitcom was about a young successful man who left his home in Hawaii and moved in with relatives in Philadelphia after getting involved in an embezzlement scheme. Hart played himself in the sitcom but the series was canceled after six episodes.

In 2009, Hart took his show on the road when he performed I’m a Grown Little Man on comedy tours. He followed up the act in 2010 with Seriously Funny. He hit the jack pot in 2011 with his performance Laugh at My Pain, which grossed over fifteen million dollars and earned the title of the year’s top selling comedy tour.

Hart continued his comedy tour in 2011 with Let Me Explain. The tour did not exceed the success Hart had with Laugh at My Pain in which he talked about deep personal experiences, including his mother’s death from cancer and his wacky family members. Hart fans all over the world soon would be reciting the tour’s popular catch phrase, “All right, all right, all right.”

The Wrap
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