Crazy Occupations Before These Celebrities Became Stars

9. Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne had quite a journey before being crowned metal’s Prince of Darkness. Before finding his place as a musician, Ozzy held numerous occupations. He left school at the age of fifteen, embarking upon a winding road of self-discovery. His first positions held were as an apprentice toolmaker, an automotive horn tuner and a trainee plumber, where Ozzy happened to chop off his thumb.

A far more interesting occupation was when Ozzy Osbourne spent two years working for an abattoir. During his time as a slaughterhouse worker, Ozzy was reported to have developed a rather strange fascination with blood. In an interview with Oui Magazine, a popular pornographic publication for men during the 1980s, Ozzy made a disturbing statement. Ozzy proclaimed, “I spent three years in a slaughterhouse, killing cows and pigs and all sorts of things. It got pretty bizarre – I was figuring out all these different ways to kill these animals. Have you ever drank blood?”

Ozzy went on to shock his audience by expressing, “Well, you kinda stick a knife in there and hold out your cup. After that I got into the habit and started drinking it rather frequently.” This is quite a contrast from the vegetarian that we now know.

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