Celebs Who Have Tragically Lost Spouses

Celebrities might have the privilege of being able to afford conveniences and luxuries that most of us can’t, but you know the saying: money can’t buy happiness. That saying is particularly the case for celebrities who have tragically lost spouses. Losing a loved one can be especially hard on celebs, who must continue making public appearances and answering questions about their partner’s deaths. Want to know which celebs were left, widows or widowers? Keep reading our list of ten celebs who have tragically lost spouses.

10. Katie Couric

Katie Couric is one of the most accomplished television anchors of our time, having hosted a news program on all “Big Three” television networks: NBC, ABC, CBS. In 1989, Couric married attorney John Paul Monahan and a pair of daughters soon followed. Monahan would go on to lose a long fight to colon cancer in 1998. Couric has since become an outspoken advocate for colon cancer awareness and prevention.