Celebs Who Have Done Jail Time As Well As Screen Time

9. Lil’ Kim

Kimberly Denise Jones is better known for her stage name, Lil’ Kim. The Brooklyn-born bombshell is not only a sex symbol, but also a successful rapper, songwriter, record producer, model and actress best known for her 1990’s collaborations with legendary rapper and producer The Notorious B.I.G. Lil’ Kim’s 1996 debut album Hard Core went double platinum had three Billboard number one hits.

Lil Kim’s first arrest came on July 23, 1996 in Teaneck, New Jersey. Police were called to ticket an illegally parked car when, according to reports, they smelled marijuana smoke emanating from a nearby house. The house ended up being the property of Christopher Wallace, a.k.a. The Notorious B.I.G., with whom Lil’ Kim was a frequent collaborator and romantic partner (in fact, Lil’ Kim carried Biggie’s baby before choosing to abort the pregnancy).

Jones was issued an arrest warrant for simple possession of marijuana, yet was never arrested and did not serve any time for the minor offense, eventually paying a three hundred and fifty dollar fine in 2003. By 1999, however, Lil’ Kim was already in deeper trouble. A feud began between her and fellow female rapper Foxy Brown. Brown was unhappy with Lil’ Kim’s constant homages to the deceased Notorious B.I.G., and the two had been calling each other out in their song lyrics.

On February 26, 2001, the feud came to a head when shots rang out between Lil Kim’s and Foxy Brown’s rival posses. Only one man, Efrain Ocasio, was harmed in the gun battle when he was shot in the back. Police launched an investigation and soon charged Lil’ Kim with lying to a federal grand jury, a charge which landed her one year and a day in prison and a fine of fifty thousand dollars.

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