Celebrity Tattoos That Make You Wonder – What Were They Thinking?

Celebrities are certainly not exempt from making stupid decisions like tattooing their current partner’s face or name on their body only to find themselves estranged from that person years later. Some celebrities ink themselves in strange places and in odd ways to express themselves or to evoke a reaction from others. Here is a list of ten celebrity tattoos that make you wonder what really prompted such curious and peculiar self-expressions.

10. Steve-O

Stunt performer Steve-O’s real name is Stephen Gilchrist Glover. He is best known for his crazy and dangerous performances on the American television series Jackass and its related movies. He has a collection of what he refers to as “dumb tattoos” including one that says “your name” on his right butt check. But his most memorable tattoo is a self-portrait covering most of his back with the words, “yeah dude, I rock!”

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