Celebrities Born with a Silver Spoon

9. Robin Thicke

Any child of the 80s will remember one of the most popular TV shows of the period, Growing Pains. The show helped raise millions of latch key kids, sharing family values and the obstacles faced as children got older. The father on the show, Alan Thicke, had his own famous offspring, the singer, songwriter and lady killer, Mr. Robin Thicke.

American-Canadian singer, Robin Thicke, grew up with celebrity parents. His father played Dr. Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, but also worked as a game show host, talk show host and song writer. This may have been passed on to Robin who looks perfect for the small or big screen. Yet, Robin chose music, and it has been working well for him.

Robin’s mother is former Days of our Lives soap actress, Gloria Loring. When Robin was born, his parents were already living quite comfortably. It is no surprise that Robin continued their tradition of emoting in the spotlight with his music career. Over the past decade, Robin has had numerous hits and platinum-selling albums. Fans cannot get enough of him.

Robin’s father recently dabbled in reality television. Robin endured a high-profile divorce a few years ago. Everyone seems to be moving along and recovering well. Robin does not necessarily need his parent’s money since he has made his own. His sultry songs and voice continue to attract fans the world over. He may have surpassed his family’s wealth.

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