12 YouTube Celebrities On The Brink Of Making It Big

YouTube has produced some of the brightest stars in social media history. The platform is known for its rich and diverse content in the entertainment world. Many did not know how addicted to ‘likes’ they would be, or how powerful their addiction to fame would become. YouTube is the stuff online dreams are made of. Below you will find 12 of the brightest and talented rising stars who are making names for themselves on YouTube.

12. Joe Santagato

Joe is a born and bred Queens, New Yorker. As a kid, he loved sports and being the star of the show. In order to satisfy his creativity, he had to borrow his mother’s camera but eventually got permission to buy his own at the age of 13. Soon he posted his first 20 second short, ‘Waking Up Keith’, which was well received. Excited by the response, he added to his comedic social media repertoire.

One his most popular series is ‘Idiots of the Internet’. In this series, he exposes people’s typos and lack of intelligence. He spares no one in his brutally hilarious style of mockery. His other popular series, ‘People of Walmart’, shows Joe being equally as candid about the eccentric denizens of Walmart. His two other original videos, ‘The Strangest Fetishes’ and ‘Hey, You Asked’ are guaranteed to fascinate and educate you with a decidedly witty twist.

Joe’s comical take on real life is what brings his old and new subscribers back, week after week. This comedian has almost a million subscribers and well over 50 million views. He takes viewer suggestions from time to time which allows for a variance in his work, but the majority of his ‘in your face, non-apologetic’ pieces are straight out of his brilliant mind. Look forward to seeing more projects from this straightforward individual.