The Most Super Embarrassing Celeb Moments That Live On In Infamy

10. Axl Rose’ Amnesiac Tumble

In 2012, aging rock star Axl Rose took the revamped version of his band, Guns ‘n Roses, on what was to be a triumphant world tour. Unfortunately for Rose, the tour was plagued with one mishap after another, including Rose’s inability to hit the high notes that made him famous. The embarrassments culminated in a one-two punch of humiliations on one night in France during the band’s first and most well-known song, “Sweet Child of Mine.” Thirty seconds into the tune, Rose attempted to make his grand entrance, whereupon he tripped up the stairs and face-planted. The fall shook him up enough that he proceeded to sing the wrong lyrics and pretty much stand still throughout the entirety of the song.

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