The Most Super Embarrassing Celeb Moments That Live On In Infamy

For better or worse, celebrities live much of their lives in front of cameras. Many celebs find it quite daunting to have to perform in front of cameras and then be followed by paparazzi wherever they go. While the former is part of their job description, the latter can often lead to some embarrassing moments. Some celebrities have found their entire careers derailed by one embarrassing slip-up in front of paparazzi or journalists. This list will countdown the ten most embarrassing celebrity moments that live on in infamy.

11. John Travolta’s Mispronunciation

In 2014, Disney’s Frozen had taken the world by storm, especially the flagship song “Let It Go.” The tune was recorded by the vocal powerhouse Idina Menzel. Admittedly, her name isn’t one that you hear every day, but presenters at major awards are presumably prepped before they read the nominees and winners in their category. This evidently was not the case for famous singing and dancing actor John Travolta, to whom it fell to present the singer at the 2014 Oscars. When the time came, he pronounced her name “Adele Dazeem.” Major fail.