10 Celebrities Who Have Gained The Most Weight Over The Years

Despite their Hollywood status, some celebrities struggle with their weight just like everyone else. With personal trainers and nutritionists available at their beck and call, celebrity weight gain always comes as a shock to the public. The following celebrities started their career as young and fit but have slowly made their way to flabby and out of shape, proving the struggle with food is real. Here are ten celebrities who have gained a notably large amount weight over the years.

10. John Travolta

John Travolta was well known for wearing tight leather jackets and skinny black pants in the 1978 musical Grease. Since then, the Travolta appearing on the big screen has more weight to him. Both personal and professional struggles have plagued the actor over the years, including the death of his sixteen-year-old son in 2009 due to a seizure while the family was on a Christmas vacation in the Bahamas.